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Pastor Charlie Gross

                Pastor Charlie Gross

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Today, Sunday, March 29th, we'll have our grand procession of kids and choir with palm branches, leading the way with Hosannas to the Lord of Life!  Don't miss this extravaganza!  The kid-choir-combo is spectacular!

What's your WHY?  What is your driving motivation in life?  Is it to please and serve God?  If so, when you give, when you pray and when you deny yourself, you will be storing up treasures in heaven.  If your WHY is pleasing yourself, your rewards and treasures will be very short-lived.  They will be like a candle in the wind.

Listen to Him!  On Transfiguration Sunday, we're called, challenged and commanded to Listen to Jesus Christ!  Let us use all our senses to listen to the one who loves us enough to suffer and die for us!  Let us listen with our time, our focus, our attention, our eyes, our minds, our hearts and our hands.  Listen to him!

Nov 23rd, 2014 - First Mobile Church was one year old!!  If you are ever shut-in, hospitalized, traveling, weathered in or for any reason, 'can't get to church,' simply dial 1-530-881-1212 and enter 345-710-914# at 9am on Sunday to attend this innovative service. (or, toll free - 1-855-212-0212 and enter 345-710-914#)

Here is the link to an outstanding small group resource called, Word Share Prayer - <click here>  I explained this on Saturday Oct 18th at the Gilday's bonfire "small group!"

Dotti Sayre, Pastor Charlie and Lisa Gross and an anonymous member joined the West Grove Presbyterian Church Legacy Society!  They did this by placing this body of Christ in their Will!  Will you join them in this bold move?  This will help the ministry and mission of this vital body of Christ go forward into the future! [ps - you can do this and remain anonymous, but at least let me or Kim McLimans know.]

Here is the online Spiritual Gift Survey mentioned in the June 8th sermon - Gifted for the Common Good!  Click here to download this quick and easy gift survey.  You could use this to help you plug in to your gifts, OR you could experiment, try things out and discover by "hands on," where you are gifted.

Leaving a Leadership Legacy!  Please read the sermon or listen to the sermon from May 18th, from 1 Peter 5:1-7.  We are all called to lead willingly, with humility and by example.  One very powerful way of leaving a leadership legacy is by putting a paragraph in our Last Will and Testament that leaves a specific dollar figure or a specific percentage of our estates to the body of Christ at West Grove Presbyterian Church.

Have you tried out the Bob and Sue Howard Thought for the Day podcast?  Click here to get via iTunes.

This is going to be an exciting new year at West Grove Presbyterian Church and First Mobile Church!  Please check out the simple web page at firstmobilechurch.org !  There are lots of opportunities for service and responding to God's Word!

Sunday, March 22nd is our 70th week of First Mobile Church!  This is a 40 minute church service held at 9am via a conference call!  See firstmobilechurch.org for more details!  Or, at 9am on Sunday, simply call 530-881-1212 and enter meeting ID code - 345-710-914#  Or, you may call toll free - 1-855-212-0212 and enter 345-710-914#   Welcome to a faith community gathered from all over via a telephone conference call!  Oh, for an information center area for this church, call 1-641-715-3800 and enter 10326#  for complete information about First Mobile church.

Read the news about First Mobile Church, Click here for the Lancaster Newspaper article.  Click here for the Daily Local article.

Big news!  If you received an email from RightNowMedia.org, please open it up and register!  I am sharing my continuing education money with you and a chance to dive into thousands of Bible studies, conference talks and training posts.  This is a gold mine of educational opportunities.  To date, 21 out of 60 have joined to take advantage of this amazing resource!  If you want to take advantage of this huge resource, send me your email address!

Have you tried out the new West Grove Training Center?  It's really easy.  Simply call 1-641-715-3800 and enter access code 31274#  There are a number of interesting topics addressed.  Try it today!

Jan 19, 2013 - Men's breakfast at 8a  Speaker was Glenn Davis - Attorney and Chief Master Sergeant in the Delaware Air National Guard.  Topic - "Our Legacy" - Click here to listen

The Age of Collaboration, Sharing and Communicating!

I would love to have more conversations regarding innovative and creative ways of being the body of Christ in 2014 and beyond!  I’ve created a shared Google document to share comments and ideas for building the body of Christ and for Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known.  Go to  http://tiny.cc/rq8yqw. and enter your comments and ideas!  You will bless me and do your part to grow the kingdom!


Send one of the following video clips around to your friends!   

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Helpful Book - Achieving - (the story) - How to make use of free internet resources for increasing productivity!

Giving the book away for free!  
  http://achievingthestory.weebly.com or at http://charliegross.com   

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We are also getting a good response to the Spiritual Gift Survey!  Click here to download this quick and easy gift survey.  Fill it out and give it to Pastor Charlie!  Thanks!

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The New Members Class outline is "on line!"  (Click here for it) (9/12/12)

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West Grove Presbyterian Church is working very hard to make church simple, where everything we do is aligned to Know Christ and Make Christ Known.  We invite everyone into our fellowship, we study God's Word, we worship, we pray, and we work together to know Jesus Christ - the Savior of the world!  And, we diligently seek new ways to make this wonderful Savior known!

I am also a strong believer in over communication.  Please keep me informed via cell phone: 484.748.0241 (this is a google voice number that forwards to my 717.468.1568 cell phone.  It is a local number in the West Grove area) or email: cwgross@gmail.com.  I want to know how I can best pray for you and support you in your specific ministry.

God's Extravagant Blessings to you all!

Pastor Charlie