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                Retired Pastor Charlie Gross

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July 28th was my last Sunday in the pulpit at West Grove Presbyterian Church!  God has richly and extravagantly blessed me as your pastor for over 8 years.  We've grown in love, in depth and in commitment to loving the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  And, as you listen to my last sermon with you, you'll realize that the Lord has great plans for you.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.  Embrace the Lord's Words and watch the Lord do even greater works among you.  I continue to pray for you, for I know the Lord has great plans for the "friendliest church around!"

FIRST MOBILE CHURCH has ONE number - 1-515-604-9107!  Just call this on Sunday mornings at 9am and you don't need an access code!  Makes worship, prayer and God's Word very accessible!  Oh, we now meet on Wednesdays at 9am, too, just for prayer.  We meet for about 30 minutes and pray.  Would love to have you join us.

Link to pastoral resources - <click here>

Josh, Frank and Dan saved Tom Krause's life with CPR!  Do you know what to do?  Watch this short CPR video clip:  <click here>

Read the article about First Mobile Church published by the Synod of the Trinity <click here>   Read the article about First Mobile Church in the Presbyterian Outlook - <click here>   Read the article about First Mobile Church in the Lancaster Newspaper - <click here>

Leaving a Leadership Legacy!  Please read the sermon or listen to the sermon from May 18, 2014, from 1 Peter 5:1-7.  We are all called to lead willingly, with humility and by example.  One very powerful way of leaving a leadership legacy is by putting a paragraph in our Last Will and Testament that leaves a specific dollar figure or a specific percentage of our estates to the body of Christ at West Grove Presbyterian Church.

First Mobile Church!  This is a 40 minute church service held at 9:00am via a conference call!  See firstmobilechurch.org for more details!  Or, at 9:00am on Sunday, simply call 515-604-9107  Or, you may call toll free - 1-855-212-0212 and enter 345-710-914#   Welcome to a faith community gathered from all over via a telephone conference call!  Oh, for an information center area for this church, call 1-641-715-3800 and enter 10326#  for complete information about First Mobile church.

Read the news about First Mobile Church, Click here for the Lancaster Newspaper article.  Click here for the Daily Local article.

West Grove Presbyterian Church is working very hard to make church simple, where everything we do is aligned to Know Christ and Make Christ Known.  We invite everyone into our fellowship, we study God's Word, we worship, we pray, and we work together to know Jesus Christ - the Savior of the world!  And, we diligently seek new ways to make this wonderful Savior known!

God's Extravagant Blessings to you all!

Retired Pastor Charlie