West Grove Presbyterian Church

Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known

                    Sermons - click on date for sermon pdf  

March 8, 2020  Questions in the Night                              Rev. John King (audio)

March 1, 2020  Devilish Questions                                    Rev. John King (audio)

February 23, 2020  Listen to Him                                      Rev. John King (audio)

February 16, 2020  The Rest of the Story                          Rev. John King (audio)

February 9, 2020  A Tall Order                                          Rev. John King (audio)

February 2, 2020  The Blessing                                          Rev. John King (audio)

January 26, 2020  An Uncertain Future                             Rev. John King  (audio)

January 19, 2020  The Andrew Plan                                   Rev. John King  (audio)

January 12, 2020  The Man with No Name          Rev. Lawrence Chottiner  (audio)

January 5, 2020  God Is With Us                                        Rev. Jane Busey  (audio)

December 29, 2019  He Has Redeemed                        Rev. Mark Van Gilst (audio)

December 22, 2019  Humility                                        Rev. Mark Van Gilst (audio)

December 15, 2019  For Whom Do You Watch?                 Rev. Ernie Olsen (audio)

December 8, 2019 Preparing for the Coming of the Lord Rev. Robert Burns (audio)

December 1, 2019  Lucky Mud                                      Rev. Susan Scott  (audio)

November 24, 2019 The Kingdom of God's Beloved Son Rev. R. Larson  (audio)

November 17, 2019  If You Could Ask God One Question Rev. Chottiner (audio)

November 10, 2019  Counting Days or Days That Count  David Drain (audio)

November 3, 2019  What Dreams May Come         Rev. Susan Scott (audio)

October 27, 2019  An Examined Life                       Rev. Susan Scott  (audio)

October 20, 2019  Faith Workout                              Rev. Jane Busey (audio)

October 13, 2019  He Is Our Victory                          Nathan Krause  (audio)

October 6, 2019  Serious Love                           Rev. Mark Van Gilst  (audio)

September 29, 2019  We Are Dives                    Rev. Lawrence Moir  (audio)

September 22, 2019  Getting Honest With God      Rev. Randy Riggs (audio)

September 15, 2019  Lost + Found                       Rev. Donald Rising (audio)

September 8,2019  Kingdom of the Light                     Nathan Krause  (audio)

September 1, 2019  Finding Our Right Size               Rev. Susan Scott (audio

August 25, 2019  The Life of Solomon                                  Jim Davis (audio

August 18, 2019  The Two Minute Warning  Rev. Lawrence Chottiner (audio

August 11, 2019 Thank the Philippians    Rev. Dr. Erin Cox-Holmes (audio)

August 4, 2019  We Are All Part-time Pastors                 Tom Tindall (audio)

July 28, 2019    I Know the Plans I Have for You   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

July 21, 2019    Distracted or Attracted?            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

July 14, 2019    Go and Do Likewise                   Rev. Charlie Gross (video)

July 7, 2019      What Do You Expect?                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 30, 2019    What's it take to follow Jesus?    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 23, 2019    If Jesus made you well, go tell    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

     June 23, 2019 - Sharing your story, interview with Dave Prox (audio/video)

June 16, 2019    More Than You Can Bear    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 9, 2019       You've Received the Gift      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 2, 2019       One                                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

May 26, 2019      Stuck                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

May 19, 2019     The Most Important Thing   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

May 12, 2019     Surprise and Response         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

May 5, 2019       Jesus Recreates Us               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 28, 2019    Presence, Peace, Power, Purpose    Rev. Gross (audio/video)

April 21, 2019    Filling in the Gaps               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 14, 2019   Attitude                                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 7, 2019     Press On!                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Mar 31, 2019    The Humpty Dumpty sermon   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Mar 24, 2019    Why?!                                       Rev. Lawrence Chottiner (audio)

Mar 17, 2019    What's Your Focus?                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Mar 10, 2019    Receiving the Gift (to scouts)   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Mar 3, 2019      Veiled or Unveiled?                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Feb 24, 2019    We Have Questions                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Feb 17, 2019    Resurrection People!                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Feb 10, 2019    Reminders                                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Feb 3, 2019      The Love Development Plan      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

                         The Love Development Plan worksheet

Jan 27, 2019     You Are Important                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Jan 20, 2019     Gifted to be a Gift                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Jan 13, 2019     Broken Heart! Unbroken Hope!  Rev. Jack Crans (audio)

Jan 6, 2019       Caretakers of Wonder                Rev. Susan Scott (audio)

Dec 30, 2018    What MUST you do?                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 23, 2018    Take a Leap!                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Dec 16, 2018   Turn or Burn                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Dec 9, 2018    The Word of God Comes             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Dec 2, 2018     Stand Up!                                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Nov 25, 2018  What Do We Do With Jesus?      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 18, 2018  Do Be and Don't Be                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Nov 11, 2018  Watch out!  Watch! and Watch Within!  Rev Gross (audio/video)

Nov 4, 2018  You Are Not Far From the Kingdom of God  Rev Gross (audio/video)

Oct 28, 2018   Rocking Chair to Rock Concert Faith    Rev Gross (audio)

Oct 21, 2018   Not So With You                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Oct 14, 2018  Eliminating the fine print in following Jesus Rev Gross (audio/video)

Oct 7, 2018     He Knows My Name            Rev. Lawrence Chottiner (audio)

Sept 30, 2018 - Checklist for conversation & community  Rev Gross (audio/video)

Sept 23, 2018   WANT Wisdom                             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Sept 16, 2018   Words Matter                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)   

Sept 9, 2018  Formula for Fruitful Faith              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Sept 2, 2018  The Heart of Our Problem              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Aug 26, 2018  Follow or Flee?                             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Aug 19, 2018- The More We Eat, the Sweeter the Treat Rev Gross (audio/video)

Aug 12, 2018  Everything we need comes from the Father Rev Gross (video)

Aug 5, 2018     Drive-ins, Church Dinners and Dives  Rev. Ed Brandt (audio)

July 29, 2018   The Test Question                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

July 22, 2018   Rhythms of Life with Compassion  Rev Charlie Gross (audio/video)

July 15, 2018   Have You Heard?                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio / video)

July 8, 2018     Take Only a Staff                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

July 1, 2018     Desperate for Life                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 24, 2018   Open Wide Your Hearts               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 17, 2018   What is Required                         Kevin Crossan        (audio)

June 10, 2018   Faith Speaks                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

June 3, 2018     Tingling Ears                               Rev. Susan Scott    (audio)

May 27, 2018   Somewhere Sacred                       Rev. Susan Scott    (audio)

May 20, 2018   Come Holy Spirit                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

May 13, 2018  Do You Have the Son?                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

May 6, 2018  Born of God                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April  29, 2018  Love - A Lecture and a Lab        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 22, 2018  Working at Loving                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 15, 2018  What Will You Be?                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 8, 2018  Rescued by a Walkie Talkie            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

April 1, 2018        We Know the Message               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

Two minute video clip at beginning of the April 1st sermon - click here

March 25, 2018   When the Big Day goes Bust      Rev Charlie Gross (audio/video)

March 18, 2018     Obedience for Eternal Life       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

March 11, 2018        But GOD                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

March 4, 2018         The Paradoxical Gospel          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

February 25, 2018    What's in a name?                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

February 18, 2018    Singing David's Song          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

February 11, 2018   We Proclaim                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

February 4, 2018      Second Wind                                     Rev. Susan Scott  (audio)

January 28, 2018     Pry Me Off Dead Center     Rev. Phoebe Kitson-Davis (audio)

January 21, 2018    Give What the Lord Gives You  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

January 14, 2018    Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening  Rev Gross (audio/video)

January 7, 2018       Seeing Beyond the Storm         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

December 31, 2017 The World, the Flesh, and the Devil  Rev Tom Chase (audio)

December 24, 2017  The people walking in darkness have seen a great light

                                                                             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

December 17, 2017   What Song are You Singing?  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

December 10, 2017  Are You Ready for Christmas?        Rev. Gross (audio/video)

December 3, 2017    Called                                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

November 26, 2017 That you would know him better      Rev. Gross (audio/video)

November 19, 2017  You Know This                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

November 12, 2017  God's Grace                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

November 5, 2017   God's Word Works                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

October 29, 2017     Authentic                              Rev Charlie Gross (audio/video)

October 22, 2017      Have You Heard?                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

October 15, 2017      Peace in an Anxious World  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

October 8, 2017         In Christ Alone               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio/video)

October 1, 2017          If - Then                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

September 24, 2017   Words, Words, Words      Rev. Dr. William Scott Jr.  (audio)

September 17, 2017   Keeping It Simple           Rev. Phoebe Kitson-Davis (audio)

September 10, 2017  The Problems with Love  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio) (video)

September 3, 2017   Lopsided Lives              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio) (video)

August 27, 2017   In View of God's Mercy    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio

(for video, have Facebook open and be 'friend' of Charles Warren Gross, Jr)

August 20, 2017  Mysterious Mercy              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 13, 2017  Saved and Sent                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio) (video)

August 6, 2017  Following the Apostle Paul                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 30, 2017    God's Love                                             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 23, 2017   The Storms of Life                             Rev. Dr. William Scott (audio)

July 16, 2017    Setting our Minds on Life and Peace    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 9, 2017      Turning to Jesus Christ                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 2, 2017       Who Are You Going to Serve?        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 25, 2017     Our Words and Images Matter  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 18, 2017     God Makes Us Laugh            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 11, 2017     Our Commissioning               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 4, 2017        Giving God's Gifts                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 28, 2017      Our Checklist for Glory          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 21, 2017      The Recipe for Life                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 14, 2017      God's Building Plan                 Rev. Charlie Gross   (audio)

May 7, 2017        Called, Conscious, Commendable and Christ-like

                                                                               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 30, 2017      Recognizing the Risen Christ    Rev. Susan Scott    (audio)

April 23, 2017      Inexpressible Joy!                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 16, 2017      The Key to Life                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 9, 2017        Kicking the Can                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 2, 2017        Plea in Prayer                             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 26, 2017     Prayer of Trust and Confidence  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 19, 2017         Prayer of Thanks    Rev. Charlie Gross/Bob DiIenno (audio)

March 12, 2017         Prayer of Assurance                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 5, 2017            Confession in Prayer              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

February 26, 2017      Listen                                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

February 19, 2017      The Noticing of a Lydia      Rev. Dr. Erin Cox-Holmes (audio)

February 12, 2017      A Heart Change                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

February 5, 2017       True Worship                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

January 29, 2017        Bless Up                        Rev. Phoebe Kitson-Davis (audio)

January 22, 2017        Join the Adventure                    Eric Chase             (audio)

January 15, 2017        The Rest of the Story                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

January 8, 2017          What the Lord Will Do               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

January 1, 2017          What the Lord has done for us   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

December 25, 2016    Stories by the fireplace            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

December 18, 2016    Trusting God Immanuel          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

December 11, 2016    Patience                                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

December 4, 2016      Are You Willing?                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

November 27, 2016   Wake Up!                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

November 20, 2016  Boldly Accepting Forgivness     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

November 13, 2016  Boldly Working, Boldly Loving  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

November 6, 2016  The Ripple Effect             Rev. Phoebe Kitson-Davis (audio)

October 30, 2016  House and Heart Guest               Rev. Jennie Clark   (audio)

October 23, 2016  Because We Are God's                  Rev. Susan Scott   (audio)

October 16, 2016  Boldly Preach the Word                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

October 9, 2016  Boldly Remembering Jesus Christ  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

October 2, 2016  Living Boldly                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

September 25, 2016  Bold Generosity                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

September 18, 2016  Boldly Praying                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

September 11, 2016  Boldly Rescuing the Lost         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

September 4, 2016  Boldly Forgiving                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 28, 2016  Don't Forget                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 21, 2016  Jesus Christ: Mic Dropper            Rev. Ed Brandt (audio)

August 14, 2016  Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 7, 2016  Living by Faith                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 31, 2016   Be Where You Are                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 24, 2016   Thanksgiving in July                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 17, 2016   The Sovereign and the Servants        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 10, 2016    Encouraging Prayers                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 3, 2016      Carrying Burdens                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 26, 2016   Freedom from or Freedom for?         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 19, 2016   Freed by Faith                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 12, 2016  The Apostle Paul's Commencement Speech  Rev. Gross (audio)

June 5, 2016     But When God...                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 29, 2016   Freedom in Christ Alone                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 22, 2016   Guided to The Truth                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 15, 2016   Adopted by the Spirit                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 8, 2016     One with a Greater Purpose               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 1, 2016     Peace in the Presence                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 24, 2016   Love One Another As I Have Loved You   Rev. C.W. Gross (audio)

April 17, 2016   Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!                             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 10, 2016    Follow Me!                                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 3, 2016      Peace, Power and Presence              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 27, 2016  Changing our Expectations               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 20, 2016  Worshiping the King                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 13, 2016  Work, Witness and Worship               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 6, 2016  The Turn Around                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 28, 2016  The Clock is Ticking                               Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio)

Feb 21, 2016  Purposeful, Passionate and Protective  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

February 14, 2016 Living by the Word of God              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

February 7, 2016              Rev. Ed Brandt (audio)

January 31, 2016              Rev. Dr. Erin Cox-Holmes (audio)

January 24, 2016              Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson (audio) CANCELED - SNOW

January 17, 2016  Do Whatever He Tells You                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

January 10, 2016  Anointed, Affirmed and Loved           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

January 3, 2016  Birthing New Life                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 27, 2015    Our identity determines what we wear  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 20, 2015      The First Christ-mess (Port)        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 13, 2015      Responding to Jesus Christ (Port)  Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 6, 2015         The Perfect Gift   (Port)              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 29, 2015      Living Ready   (Port)                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 22, 2015     Priests of Christ the King             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 15, 2015      Beware and Be Thankful             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 8, 2015       The Army of Love                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 1, 2015       Looking Toward Heaven              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

 - Note - here is the video clip I wanted to show on Nov 1st - click here!

Oct 25, 2015      Stewardship of our Resources      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 18, 2015      Stewardship of Creation               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 11, 2015      Stewardship of Self                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 4, 2015         Stewardship of our minds            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 27, 2015      Mission 101 Part 2                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 20, 2015       Mission 101                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 13, 2015       Prayer 101                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 6, 2015         Faith 101                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 30, 2015  From the Heart                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 23, 2015 Bless the Lord Joyfully                 Rev. John Ferguson (audio)

August 16, 2015  Be Very Careful How You Walk    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 9, 2015   Put off the old and put on the new  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 2, 2015   Humble, Gentle, Patient, Loving  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 19, 2015     Our Balance                                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 12, 2015     IN Christ                                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 5, 2015      Love is a Choice                              Rev. Phoebe Davis (audio)

June 28, 2015    VBS Wrap Up

June 21, 2015    Fear or Faith                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 14, 2015     Kingdom Growing                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 7, 2015       Christ's brother, sister and mother  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 31, 2015     Adopted                                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 24, 2015     Spirit Powered                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 17, 2015     Ultimate Protection                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 10, 2015     Doing Love                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 3, 2015       Remain in Me                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 26, 2015    Trusting the Good Shepherd     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 19, 2015    In the Name of Jesus Christ      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 12, 2015    The Power of Belief                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 5, 2015      Believe and Live                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 29, 2015  Deliberately & Courageously   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 22, 2015  We Want to See Jesus                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 15, 2015  Look Up and Live                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 8, 2015  On my honor                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 1, 2015  Managing Expectations               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 22, 2015  What's your Why?                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 15, 2015  Listen to Him                                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb. 8, 2015  Thoughts from Jim's heart                       Jim Davis       (audio)

Feb, 1, 2015  I will build my Church                     Rev. Jim Mays        (audio)

Jan 25, 2015 U Turn Required                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 18, 2015  Come and See                                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 11, 2015  Living in the Splash Zone                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 4, 2015    We Have Seen His Glory                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 28, 2014 New Year's Resolutions             Elder Bob Weidenmuller(audio)