West Grove Presbyterian Church

Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known

       WGPC Kids' Pictures


  Thank you, Sarah, for coloring all the pieces                           for Palm Sunday!

Ryan and Karlee at Cana 

Oh no! The wine ran out at the wedding at Cana.

                The bride at Cana

               Jesus turned water into wine!

The bride is very happy  

The bride is so happy!


The scientist bride is very interested in how this happened

The scientist bride is very interested in this miracle at Cana.                     

      Christmas gift poster Dane's fuzzy poster

              Christmas Eve 2021 Nativity 

The Nativity, Christmas Eve 2021

       The kids help celebrate the birth of Jesus

                   2 little angels

Two little angels

     Mary, Joseph, and a Sheep

Mary, Joseph, and a sheep!

                         Christmas Cards

The kids made Christmas cards for people
who are sad.

            Object Lesson:Children are a gift from God

Fun time object lesson - Children are a gift from God!


The best gift of all is Jesus!


Elliott wears the armor of God!