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Sermon Archives

Dec 21, 2014  God is Still Speaking                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 14, 2014  Singing Mary's Song                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 7, 2014 Continuing the gospel of Jesus Christ  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov. 30, 2014 Oh, the places we will go   Rev. Phoebe Kitson-Davis (audio)

Nov 23, 2014  The Great Surprise                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 16, 2014  Faith or Fear?                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 9, 2014   Give Jesus Your Jet                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 2, 2014   Pharisee Me                                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 26, 2014  Love, Love, Love                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 19, 2014  Chosen                                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 12, 2014   What do we do about ISIS?        Rev. Larry Moir (audio)

Oct 5, 2014     Working in God's Vineyard        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 28, 2014  Change Your Mind                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio) [note: the Sermon - Change Your Mind was preached at First Mobile Church, but not at West Grove Pres.  Was surprised with a 10 year anniversary of my ordination!]

Sept 21, 2014  Surprised by Generous Grace    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 14, 2014  Livin Forgiven                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 7, 2014  The Glorious Unfolding                Rev. Phoebe Kitzen Davis (audio)

August 31, 2014  An Ornery Cow                        Rev. Dr. Stephen Getty (audio)

August 24, 2014  Our Compassionate Teacher   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 17, 2014  Carried on Christ's back          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 10, 2014  The Great Banquet                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

August 3, 2014   You Can't be a Good Samaritan  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 27, 2014      Super Conquerors                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 20, 2014      Dessert is Coming                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 13, 2014      Freedom in the Spirit                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

July 6, 2014        Freedom in a Mirror                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 29, 2014      Veggie Tales Worship (from VBS)

June 22, 2014     Wanted! Dead AND Alive!        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 15, 2014     Jesus has an APP for that        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 8, 2014       Gifted for the Common Good  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 1, 2014       Humble Yourself                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 25, 2014     No Matter What                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 18, 2014     Leaving a Leadership Legacy  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 11, 2014     The One and Only Gate            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 4, 2014       Come To Me!                             Rev. Dick Streeter  (audio)

April 27, 2014    What Shall We Do?                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 20, 2014     Extra, Extra Read All About It  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 13, 2014     Glowing from the Inside            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 6, 2014       Life Giving Power                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 30, 2014   Seeing with Spiritual Eyes          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 23, 2014   Put Down Your Water Jar          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 16, 2014   Just Like Nicodemus                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 9, 2014     The Test                                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

March 2, 2014      Jesus Alone                                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 23, 2014        Extreme Makeover - Love style   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 16, 2014        Go for the Gold                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 9, 2014                                                                        Tom Tindall   (audio)

Feb. 2, 2014          You are my Witness                      Rev. Dick Streeter  (audio)

Jan 26, 2014          Turn Around                                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 19, 2014          You Have What It Takes               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 12, 2014          Baptized and Beloved                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 5, 2014            Breaking in                                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 29, 2013         After Christmas                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 22, 2013         God With Us                                 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 15, 2013         Patience                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 8, 2013          What do you want for Christmas?  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 1, 2013           Living Prepared                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 24, 2013        Jesus Christ, our True King      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 17, 2013        Come and See                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 10, 2013        Work, Build, Hold to Hope!        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Nov 3, 2013          Jesus is Calling you by Name     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 27, 2013         Action and Faith      Ruling Elder Bob Weidenmuller (audio)

Oct 20, 2013        We Dedicate These Gifts              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 13, 2013        Full Circle Faith                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Oct 6, 2013          Faith, Duty and Freedom             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sep 29, 2013        Excellence in Giving                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 22, 2013       Our Loving and Kind Shepherd Rev. Matthew Welde (audio)

Sept 15, 2013       No Greater Love Sep 2013         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 8, 2013         Disciples of Jesus Christ             Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

Sept 1, 2013         Kingdom Etiquette                      Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

August 25, 2013    Set Free!                                      Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

August 18, 2013   The Final Exam                            Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

August 11, 2013  Do not be afraid little flock            Rev Charlie Gross

August 4, 2013    Priorities in Life or Getting out of the Garage Rev Gross (audio)

July 28, 2013      The Lord's Prayer                            Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

July 21, 2013      One Thing is Needed                        Rev Charlie Gross (audio)

July 14, 2013      God's Provision of Liberty               Deb Moore (audio)

July 7, 2013        The Glory of the Cross                     Rev. Harry Robinson  (audio)

June 30, 2013     A Wake-up Call                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 23, 2013     Go Tell Everyone What God Has Done for You

                                                                                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 16, 2013     A Tale of Two Sinners                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 9, 2013       Boldly Compassionate                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

June 2, 2013       Got Faith?                                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 26, 2013     Our Peace                                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 19, 2013     Pentecostal Power and Peace           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 12, 2013     That We Would Be One                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

May 5, 2013       No Excuses                                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 28, 2013    God's Glory                                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 21, 2013    God Speaks Kagayanen          Scott & Louise MacGregor (audio)

April 14, 2013    The LAB of Life                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

April 7, 2013      Seeing is Believing                       Rev. Phoebe Kitson Davis (audio)

Mar 31, 2013     Reminders for Life                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Mar 24, 2013     It's Time                                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Mar 17, 2013     Extravagant Love                                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Mar 10, 2013     God's Grace for Lost Sons                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Mar 3, 2013       Why Me Lord?                                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 24, 2013     No Fear!  Are We Willing?                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 17, 2013     Living by the Word of God                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 10, 2013     The Primacy of Jesus Christ and the Power of Prayer                                                                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Feb 3, 2013       Love is a Choice and a Relationship      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Jan 27, 2013      Mission field in our backyard           Dona Sensenig (audio version)

Jan 20, 2013      Ordinary to Extraordinary       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Jan 13, 2013      You Are Mine!                           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Jan 6, 2013        Following the Star or Light Bearers  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Dec 30, 2012     Growing in Wisdom                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Dec 23, 2012      Singing Mary's Song                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Dec 16, 2012      What should we do?                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Dec 9, 2012        Preparing and Repenting        Rev . Charlie Gross (audio version)

Dec 2, 2012        Focus, Watch and Pray           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Nov 25, 2012     Christ the King                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Nov 18, 2012     Thanks be to Jesus Christ         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Nov 11, 2012     Giving it All!                              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Nov. 4, 2012     Taking Care of Kingdom Business   Rev. Denny Finnegan  (audio)

Oct 28, 2012      Where's Your Blindspot?            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Oct 21, 2012      What is Treasure?                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Oct 14, 2012      Unmasked.... Still Loved            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Oct 7, 2012        The Blameless Life                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Sept 30, 2012     Prayer and the Rhythms of Life  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Sept 23, 2012     Who's the Greatest?            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Sept 16, 2012     Bold or Ashamed?               Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

Sep 9, 2012       Action Figures!                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Sept. 2, 2012     What Are You Waiting For? Rev. Denny Finnegan (audio version)

Aug 26, 2012     Got Armor?                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

Aug 19, 2012     Devouring the Word             Rev. Charlie Gross

Aug 12, 2012     Who we are determines how we live  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio)

Aug 5, 2012       The Bread of Life                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 29, 2012     Abundance and Possibility     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 22, 2012     Lord, Teach Us to Pray     Rev. Denny Finneagan (audio version)

July 15, 2012     Chosen                                    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 8, 2012      Amazed                                     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 1, 2012      The Grace of Giving                Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 24, 2012   Whatever it Takes - Open Wide Your Hearts
                                                                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 17, 2012   The Seeds We Sow               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 10, 2012   Seeing Eternal Reality          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 3, 2012     The Great Commencement  Rev. Charliie Gross (audio version)

May 27, 2012   A Tribute to Veterans           Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 20, 2012   Protected by Prayer             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 13, 2012   No Greater Love                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 6, 2012     We are doing a great work   Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

April 29, 2012   You are on the clock            Elder Bob DiIenno     (audio Version)

April 22, 2012  Wisdom is Justified of Her Children Rev. Jack Crans (audio version)

April 15, 2012    Rooted and Grounded in Love  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

April 8, 2012        The Stone Was Rolled Away    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

April 1, 2012        More Than We Can Imagine!   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

March 25, 2012   The Real Scout Law            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

March 18, 2012    Love's Implications             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

March 11, 2012    The Greatest Commandments  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

March 4, 2012       God's Accepting Grace       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

February 26, 2012  Love in the Healing Touch  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

February 19, 2012  Risk, Reward & Confidence  Elder Bob DiIenno (audio version)

February 12, 2012  Serving God with our Whole Heart  Rev Gross (audio version)

February 5, 2012   God uses your Experiences        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

January 29, 2012   God's use for your Personality  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

January 22, 2012   Gifts for the Common Good  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

January 15, 2012  A servant's Heart                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version) 

January 8, 2012   You are God's Masterpiece     Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

January 1, 2012   Dressed to the max                 Rev. Charlie Gross   (audio version)

December 25, 2011   The Word Became Flesh    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

December 18, 2011  Nothing is Impossible         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

December 11, 2011  My Soul Glorifies the Lord  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

December 4, 2011  Preparing for Abundant Life  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

November 27, 2011 Gifted while we wait           Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

November 20, 2011  A Thanks Giving People    Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

November 13, 2011 Veterans Day Message       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

November 6, 2011   History of Blood Sacrifice     Rev. Bob Stier (audio version)

October 30, 2011    Jim Davis, City Gate Mission   (audio version)

October 23, 2011    Life's Focus                      Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

October 16, 2011   Marks of a Healthy Church   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

October 9, 2011     Generosity in Scarcity         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

October 2, 2011     Radical Generosity         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

September 25, 2011  Go Tell                           Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

September 18, 2011  Generous Grace            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

September 11, 2011  The Lord is my light and my salvation
                                                                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

September 4, 2011  Counter Cultural Love   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

August 21, 2011      Serving the Least of These/Florida Mission Trip 
                                                                       Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

August 14, 2011      SHAPED to Serve          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

August 7, 2011       Beautiful Feet                  Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 31, 2011          To Compromise or Not   Rev. Bob   Stier      (audio version)

July 24, 2011          Inseparable Love             Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 17, 2011          Powerful Presence; Faithful Worship
                                                                        Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

July 10, 2011          The Divine and Gracious Providence of God
                                                                        Rev. Ben Sheldon (audio version)

July 3, 2011            Freedom?                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 26, 2011         Commissioned with Provisions  
 Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 19, 2011         The Dance of Life              Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

June 12, 2011         Salvation from Corruption,  Rev. Jim Caldwell (audio version)

June 5, 2011           That We May Be One         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 29, 2011         Telling your story               Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 22, 2011         Let Not Your Hearts be Troubled
                                                                          Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 15, 2011          God Does Not Leave Us as Orphans
                                                                            Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

May 8, 2011            Open our Eyes - It's not what you expect
                                                                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

May 1, 2011            People on a Mission            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

April 24, 2011         A Faith that is Personal and Passionate
                                                                            Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

April 17, 2011         Life of Hope                         Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

April 10, 2011         Life in the Spirit                   Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

April 3, 2011           Life in the Light                   Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

March 27, 2011       Could you bless someone with a question? 
                                                                            Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

March 20, 2011       Seen, Unseen and Real Life, Rev. Charlie Gross (audio version)

March 13, 2011       Dealing with Life's Trials, Rev. Charlie Gross  (audio version)

March 6, 2011         A Glimpse of Heaven, Rev. Charlie Gross   (audio version)

February 27, 2011   The World's Worst Evangelist, Rev. Dr. Erin Cox-Holms

February 20, 2011   A God Blessed Turning Point, Rev. Bill Elliott

February 13, 2011   Valentine's Day Love, Rev. Charlie Gross