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Stephen Ministry

Watch 7 min video

Stephen Ministry training begins


Lisa Murphy, Linda McLothlin,
Mickie Krause and Tom Krause
at Stephen Ministry training.
Fall 2011.

When would I be a great candidate to be connected to a Stephen Minister?
If you are going through a life transition such as: a separation, a divorce, widowed, a serious illness, hospice care, experiencing trauma, loneliness, or just in need of a Christian friend to walk along side you in life. If any of these apply to you, call Pastor Charlie to schedule a conversation about being connected to a Stephen Minister.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Will our pastor still help and counsel people?

Answer: Most definitely! Stephen Ministers complement the pastor’s ministry and provide even more care to those who need it. 

Question: Who will be the care receivers?

Answer: Members of this congregation who are experiencing times of special need and other people within our community who may turn to us for help. Thus, Stephen Ministry is also a way to reach out to others as well as to our own members.  (Note: since we are partnering with the Barn church, you may have a care receiver from that congregation.)