West Grove Presbyterian Church

Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known

Volunteer Recognition Program


The mission of West Grove Presbyterian Church is to Know Christ and Make Christ Known. The Session knows that a significant Action of Making Christ Known is WGPC member’s volunteering in the community. As each member of WGPC “is the Church,” our interaction with the community and our helping others is a tangible, action-oriented expression to Make Christ Known.

The purpose of the WGPC Volunteer Recognition Program is threefold. 

1.  Acknowledge and publicly thank a member or group of members once a Quarter
     as an Action Hero for their efforts in helping others and Making Christ Known.

2.  Help the community with a $100 gift to the community group benefiting from the
     WGPC member’s actions.

3.  Publicize the quarterly recognition program within the community so that other
     action-oriented Christians seeking a church home know of the West Grove
     Presbyterian Church.


* Members may self-nominate or nominate other members.
* Individual members or a group of members working with the same community
   group may be nominated.
* The recipient of the member’s efforts may be a group or an individual. They do 
   not need to be a Federally-recognized non-profit or not-for-profit organization.
* The nomination form must be completed and delivered to the Church by the last
   day of the first month of each Quarter (end of January, end of April, end of July,
   and end of October).

*  The Session will select the quarterly winner during the second month of each
    Quarter (February, May, August and November).
*  The Session may select a subset of Session members to perform the selection.
*  A simple majority of those in attendance during selection is required.
*  A Session member may be nominated or self-nominate. When this occurs, that
    member must recuse themselves from the selection process. 
*  A member may only be selected once per year.
*  A community group or individual receiving the benefits of the member’s actions
    may only be selected once per year.

The selection criteria is based on amount of effort, impact to the specific recipient of the member’s efforts, impact to the community, and degree to which the effort supports the WGPC mission of Making Christ Known.

The quarterly winner will be recognized during a Sunday service on the third
    month of the Quarter (March, June, September, December) based on the winner’s
    and community group’s availability.
*  Representatives of the community group benefiting from the actions of the WGPC
    member(s) are invited and expected to attend the recognition ceremony where
    they will receive a $100 check. They will also be allowed to briefly talk about
    their mission and purpose and how they serve the community.
*  The check must be made out to the community group or individual receiving the
    benefit of the member’s efforts. It shall never be made out to the member.
*  Pictures will be taken of the recognition event. The pictures and a write-up of the
    member's contributions will be shared on the WGPC website, Facebook Page, in
    the monthly newsletter, and with community newspapers.

*  The WGPC Volunteer Recognition Program will be communicated to WGPC
    members during the 1st Quarter, 2013 through items in the monthly newsletter,
    the weekly church bulletin, by Charlie or designated Session member during the
    announcements section of Service, and on the Church website and Facebook 
    pages. The first nomination, selection and recognition round will occur in the
    1st Quarter of 2013.
*  A quarterly communication to WGPC members will occur during the first month
    of each quarter (January, April, July, October) emphasizing the deadline for
    nominations using the same media and process as the kick-off communication.
*  A quarterly communication of the recognition will occur during the third month
    of each quarter (March, June, September, December) using the above WGPC
    media, as well as articles to local newspapers.